DerbyMaster Version History

The following is a version history of DerbyMaster:

Version Release Update
8.1 1/12/2014 - Corrected an issue on the Standings tab when using the Lane Rotation scheduling method.
8.0 12/2/2013 - DerbyMaster is now Native to the Microsoft .NET Framework.
- Supported by Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
- Added support for SmartLine Timers by eTekGadget.
- Added support for The Champ Timers by BestTrack.
- Added support for Starting Gate Solenoids.
- Added support for Light Trees.
- Added support for Photo Finish.
- Added support for a simpler, more intuitive Serial Port Interface.
- Added Print Preview capability.
- Full .NET integration means improved visualization and integration.
7.0   - Added Sound to DerbyMaster.
- Added Windows Vista Support.
- Added custom colors to Full Screen display.
- Added full custom text to the Awards Certificates.
- Text "Car" throughout DerbyMaster can be changed to any user specified text.
- Added "Next Race" button to Full Screen display.
- Added elimination mode pop-up window indicating end of each round / final round.
- Help file has been converted to work on all Windows platforms.
- Merged standings no longer refer to "Individual Results".
- Various tweaks and updates throughout DerbyMaster.
6.2   - Made changes to DerbyMaster to accommodate the flow rate using some USB versus serial connections.
6.1   - Fixed missing TIME/MPH/KPH on Full Screen Display from v6.0.
6.0   - Added HTML export feature.
- Added support for 1-99 serial comm port selection
- Fixed run time error when registering cars and then selecting print.
5.2 10/31/2003 - Added option to disable K-2 laser gate status check.
5.1 10/06/2003 - Fixed K-2 Initialization (CRLF, LFCR) starting with 1.06A.
- Added K-2 Reverse Lanes.
- Added K-2 Starting Gate Poll prior to reset.
- Added Skip Tie Breaker option.
- Added DEMO version.
5.0 9/25/2002 - Added resizable windowing capability.
- Added full custom car number support (up to 9999).
- Added full support for Micro Wizard K-2 timer.
- Custom award categories can now contain lower case words.
- Single elimination ladder diagram now prints correctly.
- Removed the Blank button on the Registration tab.
- Extra tabs and spaces in the Project file are now ignored.
- Awards have been expanded from 10 to 50.
- You can no longer rerun the last race before confirming current race.
- The Standings and Registrations from multiple project files can now be merged into a single project file within DerbyMaster.
- You can now specify which rounds in the schedule to print.
- After the last scheduled race is run, you will be prompted to let DerbyMaster disable the finish line interface so results are not overwritten.
- Standings can now be exported to a tab-delimited file.
- All individual car statistics can be printed at the touch of one button.
- Royal Rangers groups have been updated to their new designations.
- Tie breakers are now run automatically.
- Default time for cars that do not finish is now set by user.
4.0 8/28/2001 - Driver names can now be interchanged with car numbers throughout DerbyMaster.
- Registration has been simplified with more intelligent auto sensing.
- User assigned car numbers can be added by using the new "Blank" button.
- Runoff positions have been re-implemented.
- Standings header designations now reflect the selected Organization.
- Printed individual statistics now include point and race summaries.
- Awards can now be printed as certificates.  More awards and over twice as many award categories.
- Double Elimination bracket designations have been added to the Full Screen and to the Race tab.
3.1 12/04/2000 - Added QuickRace feature.
- Added speed option (miles/hour and kilometers/hour).
3.0 8/21/2000 - Standings are now completely customizable.
- Added average time to Standings.
- Fixed yellow stop lights for Micro Wizard and NewBold timers.
- Added autosave feature every time results are confirmed.
- Added Lane Rotation to the Scheduling methods.
- Duration of Full Screen display is now set by Auto Reset time on the Finish Line screen.
- Added support for the new Version 3 DTx000 NewBold timer format.
- Test Display on the Finish Line screen works identical to Full Screen Display timing.
- Standings can be sorted by both a major and a minor criteria.
- The Help file has been updated and now includes an FAQ section.
2.8 2/22/2000 - Changed "Duration of Derby" on the Track Tab to "Number of Rounds."
- Fixed sorting problem on the Standings Tab when the sort was based on identical times.
- Removed the 2 lane / 14 car (or less) combinations priority from the Standard schedule.
2.7 2/01/2000 - Fixed all problems reading Double Elimination project files.
- Updated software to make Dummy Cars impervious to user settings.
2.6 1/18/2000 - Fixed Total Time of 0.000 seconds on Standings Screen after valid races had been completed.
- Added support for older Fast Track timers that used a different interface protocol.
2.5 1/15/2000 - Fixed splash screen lock-up during initialization on computers without a printer.
2.4 1/09/2000 - Fixed run-time error when clicking the Standings Tab after loading a project file containing a single or double elimination schedule.
2.3 1/01/2000 - Adjusted all copyright notices to include the year 2000.
2.2 12/15/1999 - Fixed the COM port selection on the Finish Line window so that the COM port could be selected prior to selecting the Finish Line.
2.1 11/26/1999 - Added support for Royal Rangers, AWANA’s, Royal Ambassadors, and all other organizations.
2.0 10/15/1999 - Baseline

Versions prior to 2.0 were demonstration, test, and free trial versions.


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